Our communities are under attack. The President-elect is an openly racist, nativist demagogue who climbed to victory by stoking fear and hatred of immigrants. This is not the first time we have confronted forces like this. We have faced down Minutemen and vigilantes; dismantled state laws designed to make our lives so miserable we would “self-deport”; defeated racist sheriffs; and disarmed ICE’s deportation dragnet. But the scale and power of challenge we now face cannot be underestimated. We can meet it only if we match the fear that confronts us with the courage we have learned from our struggles, only if we meet the hate that would destroy us with the love that ties us to our families and communities, and—most importantly—only if we stand together, and organize.

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Map of Hate Crimes

Mapping the Rise of Hate Crimes

Hate Crimes are on the rise in the wake of the presidential election. Use this map to track and submit incidents of hate fueled by the xenophobia, homophobia and Islamophobia around the country.

Hover over/double click on each marker to see more information. Submit your own report by double clicking on the map. Submissions will be moderated and posted as quickly as possible.

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Punch FistFear and hatred won the election, but fear and hatred can be defeated if we stand together. Donate now to help our communities organize to protect ourselves and stop Trump.

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